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How to write Raw data to NAND on iMX6

Question asked by Mohamed Saber on Oct 22, 2018
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I am using NXP's iMX6 board, with Integrity OS.


Currently I need to flash Raw data to the NAND with no spare / ECC values within the page it self.

for that I tried to use Segger File system and write with their Universal layer, however when dumping the data I found that each page had 10 bytes of unknown data written at the start of the page, and alot of 0xFFs written at the end of the page, noting that I am trying to write data with size = page size


When flashing the board's nand with MFGtool it works well and the board loads correctly,

but seems like Segger is not writing with the same logic as MFGTool.


Now my question is :


What are the needed configurations to write 2048 bytes to a page of the same size, while filling that page completely with no parity, spare, ecc values stored within the page it self.




Can I understand how the MFGtool flashes the NAND ? and can its flashing technique be used within a VAS to write a raw ( binary ) image to the nand?


This data to be written is supposed to be an application binary image, which means I need to write it as it is, with its ( all data written in the same order, sequentially for booting though u-boot.