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Add NVMe driver with menuconfig SDK 2.0

Question asked by Sandra Trujillo García on Oct 19, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 29, 2018 by Sandra Trujillo García

I want to get the NVMe drivers installed on my T2080RDB-PC board. The problem is that I have purchased an SSD that I installed in the PCI slot and the device is recognized by the system but I can not use it as a hard drive. I have thought that the problem may be with the NVMe drivers, with the 'lspci' command the device is recognized as an attachment in the image but if I do the command 'fdisk -l' the storage device is not listed.

I appreciate if someone helps me either to install the drivers in my image or to discover what the problem is.


Regarding the option to install the drivers, I am trying to use 'menuconfig'.The first step I make is from the directory of my build, I launch the command 'bitbake -c menuconfig virtual / kernel'. 

Then, navigating through the menu I activate the option 'NVM Express block device', then I choose the save option and I am asked to enter a new name for the .config file, I enter it and from that point my doubts arise.

Where is this new .config file saved? I have not managed to find this file. From this point on, how can I compile the new kernel that contains these drivers? I have tried the option 'bitbake fsl-image-full' and I have obtained a new image .tar.gz but not new files uImage.dtb or uImage.bin. Does that new image include the drivers?