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S32K148 - LPSPI Simulink Example

Question asked by mfarag on Oct 19, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 24, 2018 by Constantin Razvan Chivu

Hi all,


I am trying to adapt the S32K144 LPSPI example to the S32K148 board.


The connections as described in the example is as follows:



I have made the following changes but no success:

[Master: MOSI] B1 - A20 [Slave: MOSI]

[Master: MISO] B3 - A18 [Slave: MISO]

[Master: SCK  ] B2 - A19 [Slave: SCK  ]

[Master: PCS0] B0 - A21 [Slave: PCS0]



By Freemaster, I always get the value of A to increment, meanwhile the slave receive value is always 0


Can someone help in this topic?



Mohammed Farag