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I'm not able to generate a 6 MHz Bitclock for SAI device in S32K148, to send out 4 channels 32-bit and FSYNC ~48 kHz

Question asked by Alfonso Valenzuela on Oct 18, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 26, 2018 by Daniel Martynek

I'm working with Serial Audio Interface in S32K148 ins HSRUN mode, SPLL @112 MHz, BUS_CLK is 56 MHz.

 With this configuration I was expecting to have a BCLK  of ~6.1 MHz and FSYNC of ~48 kHz to send out audio in 4 channels with 32-bit sample width, using Interrupts or DMA.


If I try to configure a 5.6 MHz it works but the FSYNC is not the desired one, if I change to 5.7, the BCLK jumps to 6.8-7.1 MHz, any value in this range (5.6-6.8) results in 6.8-7.1 MHz, so, is there any restriction on generate a BCLK of ~6 MHz?