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Need help on composite CDC+CDC

Question asked by Dan Dahl on Oct 18, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 24, 2018 by Dan Dahl

I am having trouble creating a composite CDC+CDC device and getting both ports to communicate. Using LPC Open V3.02 and an LPCXpresso LPC4337 eval board, I have based my project on the example cdc_vcom project. The project is being developed using Keil MDK V5.24 tools. I am not using any of the Keil plugins at all. I will include the basic source of my project in attachment below. The main problem I have is the second port cannot connect to Tera Term in Windows7 when trying to open the port. There are no enumeration issues pointed out by USBlyser yet it shows that the second port fails to connect when I try to open it with Tera Term. Can someone look at my code and maybe help me understand why it's not working?


Thanks in advance ,

Dan Dahl