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i.MXRT1051 eMMC boot

Question asked by Lukasz Skrzypczak on Oct 18, 2018
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We are developing custom board with i.MXRT1051 uC. It is supposed to boot from eMMC (but it fails). At this point it's set to boot in internal boot mode (ROM bootloader) with GPIO BOOT_CFG disabled (BT_FUE_SEL=1) & BOOT_CFG1(7:6)=0x10 (MMC/eMMC boot). Rest of fuses is untouched. What fuses shall be set to boot in such mode ? eMMC is Kingston EMM04G-M627-x02U and supports:

Legacy MMC: SDR; 3,3/1,8V; 1,4,8-bit

High Speed SDR: SDR; 3,3/1,8V; 4,8-bit

High Speed DDR: DDR; 3,3/1,8V; 4,8-bit

HS200: SDR; 1,8V; 4,8-bit

HS400: DDR; 1,8V; 8-bit

What I understand from i.MXRT1050 RM it shall boot in 4-bit SDR mode with BOOT_CFG2(2:1)=00.

Is it possible that uC doesn't support particular eMMC boot mode even if it's mentioned in RM ?

How to debug ROM bootloader to find out what's wrong ?


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