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How can i get support for imx6ull of kernel 4.4.x?

Question asked by Mingyang Liu on Oct 21, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 22, 2018 by Mingyang Liu

I'm trying to make ubuntu core  working on imx6ull board. But the kernel version of ubutun core is 4.4.x , 3.18 and 3.14. The kernel version that support 6ull are 4.15 and 4.9 in imx.git. I have tried for a week but still it's too differencult for me to make it work. The files are different that  need to change too many.

I want to ask if someone can make 4.4.x kernel support 6ull so that I can modify it to core kernel or make ubuntu core 4.4.x kernel support 6ull.....