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TJA1059 can transceiver, can I supply VIO from a micro itself?

Question asked by Jay Harr on Oct 17, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 21, 2018 by G.w. Sun

Specifically about the TJA1059, but also any NXP CAN controller that has a VIO pin that doubles as an UNDERVOLTAGE OFF setting.


The VIO pin the 1059 when unpowered will put the transceiver in an OFF / Bus Disconnected / Undervoltage mode as per 7.3.3 in the datasheet and 3.2.3 in the Application Hints.


The electrical requirements show no more than 600uA used by the VIO pin, which my micro should cover easily. I can't think of any other issues except maybe a sleeping micro not powering VIO properly, but same issues would apply to Standby pins.


If I was to connect VIO directly to an output of the microcontroller - can I use that as switchable ON/OFF? Can I use a push/pull output safely? OR, is it wise to use a transistor? Maybe pull up with open collector? Other options?