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why LU,HL,HU is not used in s32k CRC Data register ?

Question asked by xu sandor on Oct 16, 2018

@Jiri Kral 员工#S32K #CRC

the reference manual says the CRC Data register can be written 8bits,16bits,or 32bits at a time;with MSB of data written first,but in the s32k sdk crc example ,the CRC_DRV_WriteData function only use the Data register LL field, why LU,HL,HU is not used ?how to make sure MSB of data written first?



* Function Name : CRC_DRV_WriteData
* Description : This function appends a block of bytes to the current CRC calculation.
* Implements : CRC_DRV_WriteData_Activity
void CRC_DRV_WriteData(uint32_t instance,
const uint8_t * data,
uint32_t dataSize)
CRC_Type * base = g_crcBase[instance];
uint32_t i;

/* 8-bit reads and writes till end of data buffer */
for (i = 0U; i < dataSize; i++)
CRC_HAL_SetDataLLReg(base, data[i]);