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Clock differnces in SDK_2.4.1_MK22FN128xxx10

Question asked by shuichiy on Oct 17, 2018
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Hi all,


I have downloaded SDK 2.4.1 for uVision, then I noticed there are differences between devices\MK22FN12810\drivers folder and devices\MK22FN51212\drivers folder.

In fsl_clock.h under MK22128FN10 folder, following statement is nothing around #634.


mcg_pll_config_t pll0Config; /*!< MCGPLL0CLK configuration.   */


As a result, samples in boards\frdmk22f\driver_examples with MK22128FN10 drivers raise compile errors  such as follows:


compiling clock_config.c...
......\clock_config.c(164): error:  #136: struct "_mcg_config" has no field "pll0Config"
          .pll0Config =
../clock_config.c: 0 warnings, 1 error


My questions are:

Can I comment out statements which causes errors in fsl_clock.c/h ? Is it no problem ?

Or should I use drivers under MK22FN51212 folder even though MCU is MK22FN12810 ?


Your any comments would be appreciated.


Thanks in advance.