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MK22FN128 fashing failed

Question asked by shuichiy on Oct 16, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 18, 2018 by shuichiy

Hi all,


I have a custom board which has a MK22FN128VLH10.

On uVision V5 with J-Link, I'm trying to flash a sample program but fails as follows:


Target info:
Device: MK22FN128VLH10
VTarget = 3.270V
State of Pins:
TCK: 0, TDI: 0, TDO: 0, TMS: 1, TRES: 1, TRST: 0
Hardware-Breakpoints: 6
Software-Breakpoints: 8192
Watchpoints:          4
JTAG speed: 5000 kHz
Erase Done.
Programming Done.
Contents mismatch at: 0000001CH  (Flash=00H  Required=96H) !
Contents mismatch at: 0000001DH  (Flash=00H  Required=E6H) !
Contents mismatch at: 0000001EH  (Flash=00H  Required=FEH) !
Contents mismatch at: 0000001FH  (Flash=00H  Required=DFH) !
Verify Failed!
Error: Flash Download failed  -  "Cortex-M4"
Flash Load finished at 15:29:08


I think MK22FN128VLH10 has 128KB flash which address is from 0x00000000 to 0x0001FFFF.

However, according to above messages, flash writing seems to be uncompleted.

May be I have something mistakes on settings, I'm still uncertain them.

Could someone advise me to solve the issue ?





Thanks in advance.