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MPC5634M System timer module IVOR2 exception with PE micro and S32DS for power

Question asked by ARJUN RAVEENDRANATH on Oct 16, 2018

I am working on MPC5634M microcontroller, on "S32 DS for Power v. 1.2 Buid ID: 170613" with PE micro USB multilink.

I am trying to implement the "STM: System timer module" but have been unsuccessful so far.


Attached herewith is the project.

I am calling a function "stm_init(STM_CLK_MHz)" within main().

But as i step through, on encountering the line "STM.CR.B.CPS =(clk_freq -1)",

the debugger freezes and shows that an exception: IVOR2 has been raised.

The program execution doesn't proceed after this point.

I have used other modules like FlexCAN and PIT on same build system successfully, but STM module has this issue.


Attached is the project :"" and also screenshots of the debugger window: img1.png,img2.png.


Any support to move forward is much appreciated.


Thanks and regards,