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destroyed files in /usr/lib

Question asked by Matthias Albrecht on Oct 16, 2018
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i have a i.mx6 system with yocto fido (its not possible to update yocto) and Qt-application. Sometimes it occurs that the system boots but the screen is black after boot. During boot there are no errors (for example, serial and ssh connection work normally). Reboot doesn't help.


I found out that X11 doesn't work and that in /usr/lib some files are destroyed. After copying the /usr/lib files from a working system everything works fine again.


I am very confused why that files are destroyed. I assumed that there is an error with the sd-card, but why always exactly the same files are the problem? What can cause a change of that files?


the files in /usr/lib are:


Any idea would be very helpful! thanks