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Question asked by Rolf Eigenheer on Oct 16, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 31, 2018 by Victor Jimenez

The LPC824 in our existing layout has not enough flash memory for our growing application. After sucessfully porting the code to the pin compatible LPC844M201JHI33 we cannot do the In-System-Programming in our production line. 

For unexplainable reasons the RxD and TxD lines for ISP have changed. The FAIM defaults to PIO0_24/PIO0_25. But these pins are not accessible for our production tool. We provided contact pads for PIO0_0/PIO0_4.


I2C pads are also accessible, but the UM (rev 1.6) page 17 says that the ISP is configured for USART. 


So I cannot change the FAIM word without having access to the device and I cannot access the device without changing the FAIM word.


If it is required to access the device through PIO0_24/PIO0_25 to change the ISP interface - what is this useful for ?

Or in other words: If I have access through PIO0_24/PIO0_25 - why should I change the ISP interface ?


This FAIM feature only makes sense if I can order controllers with customized FAIM values. How can I order controllers 

with a FAIM configuration to use PIO0_0/PIO0_4 in ISP (as it was in the LPC82x) ?