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MMU and Flash memory configuration

Question asked by Wayne Young on Oct 16, 2018

On an MPC5777C is it possible to configure the MMU and the Flash memory system such that the Flash can be partitioned into 2 application parts where each can contain an image of the same program.  And that either one can be executed when required. For example, if we had 2 partitions, each 2MB: P1 starts at 0x0094_0000 and P2 at 0x00B4_0000 and the program is linked to execute from 0x0094_0000.  The idea is to support a SW load function where the SW program can be stored in either buffer. When executing code from P1 the new code/program can be loaded into P2 and then invoked. When executing from P2 the new code/program can be loaded into P1 and then invoked.


Or is it possible to create a SW executable that only uses relative branch/jumps/calls for instruction accesses and absolute addressing for other memory accesses (stack, external RAM, SRAM, memory-mapped IO) - therefore it can be executed from any location in the Flash.