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Question asked by Maurizio Greco on Oct 16, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2018 by Peter Vlna

Hi All,

I'm searching a detailed description related some NCF that I don't understand how  can be "trigger" for test (without using the Fake FCCU register).



I have problem with NCF_19, NCF_20, NCF_21, NCF_22 (in manual are described as related to LBIST result, but also producing a configuration for OFF LINE test  not able to pass all LBIST test, we found only error into STCU2 register, but no reaction on FCCU). Who is able really to trigger them?


Same problem I have also with NCF_34, NCF_35, NCF_36.


By the way, also keeping NCF_6, NCF_7, NCF_8 (related to STCU) active, and with a LBIST failed at start up (OFF LINE TEST described into UTEST FLASH OTP) I found error into STCU2 register, but no reaction I found by FCCU ?


It's not really important  the test Execution! It's important understand which kind of failure of Hw can be detected and reported. Test is only a way to check and understand what can be keept under control enabling that NCF! I'm sorry but for me what is reported on the MPC5777C manual is not very usefull.

If I really want check only if my software is well configurated I can use the Fake register of FCCU to inject fault!


Thanks into advance for answer.