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OM5578 issues in Card Mode

Question asked by Oleg Stepanov on Oct 16, 2018
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I am working with the OM5578 NFC kit using the LPC82x host board. I am running "NXP-NCI MCUXpresso example Project Rev 1.2". I am having trouble in Card Emulation Mode.


Problem 1: Reader and Card Mode

I have both RW_SUPPORT and CARDEMU_SUPPORT symbols defined. When I run the example and try to scan the reader using the TagInfo app on an iPhone 8, I get an "Error - The reader session terminated unexpectedly" message in the app. Attached is a video.


Here's a photo of the error:


I also tried using TagInfo app using Galaxy S9 and it does not read the reader at all! The phone has no problem reading passive tags.


Problem 2: Card Mode only

With the RW_SUPPORT symbol removed so that the reader only works as a card emulator, the behavior is better but still problematic. I can scan the reader using iPhone 8 without any problems. However, using Galaxy S7 and S9, the TagInfo app takes a long time to read (shows spinny icon) and eventually shows an error message regarding communication. Below is a screen shot and here's the link to the video:



Thanks very much!