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s32k144 lin s32ds

Question asked by 智远 王 on Oct 16, 2018
Now I have create a project from example named"lin_master_s32k144"
Now I have two questions

1 in the "Sporadic frame definition",I create a Sporadic frame,there have two frame"setting frame" and  "command frame"
  how can I send the frame "setting frame"" or "command frame" ,which one Generated code can I use?
2 how to send a buffer without Generated code ,such as  use the sdk0.0.8.6
  now I have use two function:
  const uint8_t test = 0xAA;
  linStatusHeader = LIN_DRV_MasterSendHeader(2, 0x10);
  linStatusFrame = LIN_DRV_SendFrameDataBlocking(2,&test,1,20);
  now the board send a "id" 0x10 is right
  but no data have been send 
  the LIN_DRV_SendFrameDataBlocking(2,&test,1,20) return 2;