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Reset during RFID write

Question asked by Stephan Meyer on Oct 15, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 18, 2018 by Kan_Li

The PICC (ICODE DNA) is being corrupted during a write such it is rendered permanently unusable. Our reagent supply line is such we sell our customers a reagent pack with a RFID PICC for authentication and qty/expiration tracking of their associated liquids contained therein. If the TAG (PICC) is corrupted, it renders the $300-$500 pack useless which warrants an angry call to Beckman Coulter service department, a situation we obviously want to avoid.


The software team thinks the TAG is being corrupted during RFID write to the ICODE DNA. This is because the K70 was reinitialized (over USB) by our UI and if a RFID write was in progress, the CRC doesn’t match after the K70 returns form restarting and the data on the TAG is permanently affected. Is this something your team has encountered before? Is there a common way to prevent this kind of thing from happening? Is it a known issue and has a well-established work around?


Equipment used:

K-70/SPI               HOST

Skyetek M2         PCD