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How to debug USB SDK examples

Question asked by Zhenchuan Chai on Oct 15, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 22, 2018 by Zhenchuan Chai


I am using a FRDM-KL82Z board, and have successfully imported and built several MCUXpreso USB SDK bare metal examples. 

However, I can only see the first message, such as "USB device HID generic demo", "USB device mass storage demo" in UART, nothing else. For the mass storage example, I couldn't see the new drive, and I couldn't even find the device in the system device tree (device manager or system information).  


I am stuck, no idea how to debug that. 


BTW, I have J-Link firmware on the board, so I can see the J-link's drive when I plug the board into PC, but not the drive the SDK sample is supposed to create.


And also, those USB SDK examples only show the standard device, HID, MSD, video etc, but not vendor class. Anyone knows where to get the vendor class examples? I need to send our own command to the device.