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LS1012A process boot from serial NAND flash

Question asked by Minal Nemade on Oct 15, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 31, 2018 by Minal Nemade

  We have designed a custom board using LS1012A process and using serial NAND flash W25N01GW. As per the application note AN5376 for serial NAND flash, u-boot patch is need to support serial NAND. So from where we will get this u-boot patch?. Also we are not getting following binary files in tmp/deploy/images/ls1012ardb/ folder

1. rcw_pbl_first_stage_all_in_one_2k.bin
2. u-boot-spl-ls1012rdb.bin;
3. u-boot-dtb-ls1012rdb.bin

and after compile u-boot we are only getting below binary files

1. u-boot-ls1012ardb.bin

2. u-boot-qspi-secure-boot.bin


So please help us to resolve this.


Thanks & regards

Minal Nemade