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How to measure thread network signal quality on KW41Z

Question asked by Kim Nyholm on Oct 15, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 18, 2018 by Kim Nyholm

We would like to extract signal quality on a border router and an end device during operation. 


On the border router we are able to get children and neighbor table on the border router using THCI requests, 0x23 and 0x24.


On the end device we are able to get quality of the networks doing a network scan with THR_NwkScanWithBeacon(). We have noticed packet loss during the network scan.


- What is the definition of LastRSSI in the children table on the border router?
- What is the definition of LQI in the network scan callback on the end device?
- How can we get signal quality on end device without loosing packets?
- Are there other metrics we can get from the protocol stack?
- Are there documentation available on how to measure network quality?