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FRDM - K66F Unable to use LoRa SX1261 Module SPI

Question asked by MOUREN Daniel on Oct 15, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 29, 2018 by Kerry Zhou


I received a semtech SX1261 evaluation kit: 

I integrated in my evaluation card FRDM K66F this module

So I configured the SPI0 CLOCK, SIN and SOUT.
Then I set up the SS and I put a strap between the PTD0 and the PTA25.

When I run my program, I realized that the SX1261 chip was not responding.
At the logic analyzer I checked the signals SCK, NSS, SOUT and SIN.
SCK, SOUT and NSS have normal activity but the INS is still inactive.

In the Semtech documentation, there is a procedure for Lora to send a transmission (page 98 - 14. Application). 


Is there a NXP program that integrate this chip or another chip of Semtech with LoRa ?
How can I check my SPI configuration?
Is there a way to get a simple answer from the SX 1261 LoRa chip?