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Some questions about Flash driver

Question asked by Phi Le on Oct 12, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 18, 2018 by Daniel Martynek

Hello Everybody,


I am working on S32K144 for software update, So i have some questions ,Could you please help me to clarify them, Thank you!


1) In my project, i already moved vector table and ISR handler on RAM. i only use 2 ISRs, that is FTM and UART interrupt. and So i always got system reset when executing the below function:


ret = pFlashCommandSequence(pSSDConfig);


And make sure the g_FlashLaunchCommand is excuted on RAM.


Note: for this case: i erase/write data into flash without disabling all interrupts


2) for this case:  erase/write data into flash with disabling all interrupts, then the system runs well. So with disabling all interrupts. i want to know that my timer can be run exactly define time or not? that means during erasing /writing flash,  we should disabling all interrupts. So maybe it can cause the timer run incorrectly with time which is configed before.


Best regards,

Phi Le