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Debug console LPUART MKW41Z

Question asked by Florian Lebrun on Oct 14, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 15, 2018 by Florian Lebrun

Hi I would like to use for debug pupose LPUART ( pin PTC6 and PTC7). I 'm using the rigado kit.


I m able to run hello worl example.


But when i try to do the same step in my project, it doesn t work. Now i even have a compilation error on the printf function. I tried to comapre each piece of code and clock , it seems the same. The only difference is the example force the systeme clock value to 40 000 000hz, mine use the 20,869Mhz from clock syteme.


I try to import in the herat rate monitor sdk exemple in appMain.c during init phase sequence. I join the picture of code . 


Thanks  lot i m a bit stuck  .