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NFC P2P Mode with Android

Question asked by Christian Tasche on Oct 11, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 5, 2018 by Christian Tasche

I use the NXP NFC Libary with a CLRC663 frontend. I can act as client and send a NDEF Message to an Android phone with put. I can act as server and receive a NDEF message from an Android phone.


Since the default nfc server only accept messages, how do i get a bidirectional connection between CLRC663 and android devices?


Do i have to configure my own server (non default) to use put and get. Or do i have to be client and server at the same time on the clrc663?


I have read Simple NDEF Exchange Protocol specification. "The default server SHALL NOT accept Get requests. The appropriate response for a Get requestmessage is Not Implemented."
So only act as client and try tu use GET to receive on the CLRC side is not possible.


Has anyone made a realy P2P application whre i can communicate back and forth?