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Error to generate sb file using elftosb for IMXRT10xx

Question asked by Hu Bin on Oct 11, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 22, 2018 by Jay Heng

We want to put the program in the QSPI Flash link to the Flexspi bus and let the BootROM to load the code and data into the SDRAM on SEMC. Now the program is running OK when debugging by loading into the SDRAM by JLink.

But we met with a lot problems when generating the bin and sb file using elftosb tool. 

First, windows version of elftobs crash.

Second, the linux version of elftobs can run, but when I try to generate the bin file, the result bin file is too big around 2GB. and When I generate the bs file, the tool through out and error "error std::bad_alloc"


How can I solve this problem?