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creat my own command list

Question asked by Jie Zhang on Oct 11, 2018

hallo, MCU S32R274 is used in my application.  I am starting looking into how to program the SPT module in S32DS. 

I am totally new here and struggling with the command list. 

I could not figure out how to figure out the command list. As in the example for other MCU below, how people know these values for command_list? 


Even I am thinking of a command ADD for A+B, how to program set ADD  in SPT?



  // SPT command list. Elements are modified to insert addresses
    uint32_t command_list[] = {
        // Initialise the OPRAM and TWRAM using PDMA command
        0xa0514000, 0x40120000, 0x80000000, 0x01000004, //init complete OPRAM
        0xa0511000, 0x40120000, 0x40000000, 0x01000004, //Init complete TWRAM