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Error: Lost connection to Debug Engine

Question asked by Jose Perez on Oct 11, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 30, 2018 by Jose Perez


I'm trying to debug a board based on a MCF5213 microcontroller using CodeWarrior Version: 11.0.1
Build Id:180609 on Windows 10. I'm having problems when trying to step into any part of the code, when that happens I get the following error message:

CORBA connection error

I followed as mentioned on the thread "CodeWarrior debugger crashing - CORBA connection error" and modified the cwide.ini file. Then I proceeded to try and debug again and got the following message.

 ERROR Target request failed: Lost connection to CodeWarrior Debugger Engine.

I then encountered the threads like error debugging, where Erich Styger suggested to use the task manager to search for repeated instances of DE.exe or the process being missed. I am still not able to find these problems. Is there any other cause for this error to happen?



Jose E.