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How to receive a multicast POST message from Thread nodes to my Linux+TAP machine

Question asked by DIEGO COMIN on Oct 11, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 26, 2018 by DIEGO COMIN

Hi all,

I followed this tutorial Thread Border Router using Linux + KW as Host Controlled Device with Serial TAP for DHCPv6-PD  to create a complete Border Router with my Raspberry PI + Host Controlled Device with Serial TAP.

At this point I am perfectly able to communicate to my nodes when I make coap messages from my RP. However, I want to receive the multicast POST message that my Thread nodes send.


When I make a multicast POST request from a node, I am able to see the message sent in every node from my Thread network, but I am not able to see it from the Thread_Shell program of my host controlled device + RP with TAP. 



There is any way to obtain the multicast POST message in my Border Router configured with serial TAP?


Best regards,


Diego C.