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Question asked by Bright Wang on Oct 11, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 19, 2018 by Bright Wang

We're Working On Our Custom Board With S32K116 And Also On Evaluation Board With SDK 2.9.0 For Our Emergent Case Expected New Vehicle Model PVT 1 On 8TH November 2018. Unfortunately Here Is A Big Problem With CAN.


CAN Low Always Can Not Receive Normal CAN Bystream.

So We Use Oscilloscope To Catch Signal And Find The Waveform Is Abnormal As Triangle Wave.


We Ask Distributor's FAE To Compare EVK By Hands With Our Own

The Problem Remain The Same In Following Cases:

Case 1

We Use PC Tool Like CANoe And Peak System's Peak CAN Explorer To Send CAN Message

EVK 14X Is Great And Has No Problem To Receive Incoming Message

Case 2

We Use Arduino To Send CAN Message To 116 EVK

Problem Remain The Same

Physical Layer Signal Is Not Normal As Standard Form.

Case 3

We Ask Distributor Use 14X EVK To Send CAN Message To 116 EVK

Strangely 116 Is Going Well In Receiving Incoming CAN Bystream.

Case 4

We Use 2 116 EVK To Send / Receive CAN Message To Each Others

The Problem Remain The Same The Signal Is Ungood As Standard And Waveform Is Wrong.


Please We Need Your Kindly Great Helps To Resolve The Problem.

Our Production Evaluation Date Is Counting Down But Until Now We Don't Get Any Useful Helps To The Problem.