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Can't write 888 bytes to card using "explorenfc-basic write command"

Question asked by Niclas Ason on Oct 10, 2018

I'm using the "explore-nfc-ww" card to a raspberry pi and everything else works OK except writing to the card.

I can write 248 bytes with the "explorenfc-basic" write command, but the example rfid-card in the package is 888 bytes (NTAG216).


It's not my card that is the problem because I developed a python program where I looped through every user area block (4 bytes in each block) and it worked up to 880 byte (using nxppy). But the python wrapper is not working perfect and I get error now and then. So I'm back into programming using C and the "basic.c" example in "neard-explorenfc_1.2.orig.tar. But this is the same as "explorenfc-basic"... with the writing problem...


Here is probably the problem explained:

android - Phone recognize NFC tag wrong after writing with Raspberry - Stack Overflow 


Is there an easy solution to get this working?

I want to read text, write text and read out the UID, not going to the moon...