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MU Communication in i.MX8QXP

Question asked by ajmalali on Oct 10, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 26, 2018 by ajmalali


I am using IMX8QXP board with FREERTOS (SDK 2.3) running in M4 and Linux in A35, and i want to setup multicore communication between M4 and A35 cores. I did this successfully using RPMsg. But now i want to use a more generic protocol instead of RPMsg, since we may need to load a different OS instead of Linux in the A35 side. (for which rpmsg driver may not be available)


I think the alternative option is to use Messaging Unit(MU). But i couldn't find any sample driver code for MU (for FREERTOS or Linux) in the 2.3 sdk. Is there any sample codes available, that i can use to setup communication between A35 and M4 using MU. Please help.

Please revert back if you need any more details.