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About MKW01 ADC0 pins and channels

Question asked by Wenshuai Lu on Oct 10, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 16, 2018 by Wenshuai Lu

Dear, I am working on MKW01 ADC0 function, and found a puzzle: 


We know from Reference Manual Chapter 2 that MKW01Z128 ADC0 has total 11 single end input pins, including PTE16/SE1, PTE18/SE2, PTB0/SE8, PTB1/SE9, PTB12/SE12, PTC1/SE15, PTC2/SE11, and PTE17/SE5A, PTE19/SE6A, PTD5/SE6B, PTD6/SE7B.


We also know from Reference Manual (MCU part) Chapter 24 that register ADC0_CFG2[MUXSEL] is for choosing ADxxa or ADxxb channel. 


My question is, what is the difference between xxa and xxb, and if for SE1 which has no xxa or xxb, we should choose xxa or xxb for the CFG2 register? Is there any description in Reference Manual? I did not found it.


By the way, if I use FRDM-KW01-9032 eval board for ADC0 test, I should mount a 0 Ohm resister R134 for ADC0_SE7B which is connect to J4 pin 8? 


Thanks so much!