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OM40002 - LPC8N04 - Problem with Board Support Package MCUXpresso

Question asked by Tom Gatesoupe on Oct 10, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 8, 2019 by Cameron Robertson



I try to use the demo board OM40002. The first time it was connected to my computer (USB) the led animation worked properly and when I pressed reset button, the animation was reseted.

After, I used MCUXpresso to program the LPC8N04 with the Board Support Package MCUXpresso. I followed the instruction written in the user manual for LPC8N04. (3.3 Setting up the board for Development)

( I found here :


When I am debugging the development board with MCUXpresso the led animation worked properly.


But now, when I connect the development board to my computer (without MCUXpresso, just with USB connector) the leds are not turned ON and I don't know why.

Do I change the jumpers on P1, P7 and P8 when I am not using the LPC8N04 with a debug probe (LPC-LINK) ?