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QDMA Pointer

Question asked by Tim Ober on Oct 9, 2018
Latest reply on May 7, 2019 by Hemant Agrawal



I am looking for good example code of using QDMA for the LX2160a.  Basically I want to use it to DMA across PCIe bus , where the LX2160A is the EP.  


I see there is QDMA buried into the raw/dpaa2_qdma of DPDK and I could try to tear this apart and use it but I am trying to see if there any test code or SDK for QDMA in the user space that would allow me to use this over the PCIe bus?


Appreciate any pointers or insight to where I should look or if the DPDK implementation is it.  I know there is some kernel level examples that I could look at as well but I am looking for something in the user space. 



    Tim Ober