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Using fuses other than OCOTP_GP1/2 for general purpose

Question asked by Rowan Gifford on Oct 9, 2018
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We would like to store some data in the OTP and I'm trying to see which registers are safe to use. I've been looking at From  IMX6Q Reference Manul Page 3995. Also the table detailing all used registers in the reference manual section 5.2 Fusemap, page 345.


OCOTP_GP1 and OCOTP_GP2 are clearly for general purpose.


We don't use secure JTAG, can we use the OCOTP_RESP0 and OCOTP_HSJC_RESP1 registers?


The reference manual seems to suggest that Memory Related Info registers OCOTP_MEM1-4 are not used, are these available?


I'm cautious of writing to registers other than GP in case there is some undocumented configuration there.


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