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LS1012A-FRDM Codewarrior Flash Error

Question asked by 인섭 심 on Oct 9, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 14, 2018 by 인섭 심
I want to download JTAG from LS1012A-FRDM.
I used CodeWarrior's CMSIS-TAP to do the following for Flash Write.

1. put the attached in the folder Freescale \ CW4NET_v2018.01 \ CW_ARMv8 \ ARMv8 \ gdb_extensions \ flash
2. PROBE_CONNECTION = "cmsisdap: COM9"
3. Open CW4NET_v2018.01 \ CW_ARMv8 \ ARMv8 \ gdb \ bin \ aarch64-fsl-gdb.exe
4. type "source C: \ Freescale \ CW4NET_v2018.01 \ CW_ARMv8 \ ARMv8 \ gdb_extensions \ flash \"
The following error occurs.

Starting local server...

Successfully started gdb server

Set gdb remote timeout to 7200

Connecting to target...

Using LS1012A SoC


Using jtag speed 6000

Connecting to probe...

ccs:USB not configured

connected successfully

Successfully connected to probe

Initializing target...

Running init script c:\freescale\cw4net_v2018.01\cw_armv8\armv8\gdb_extensions\flash\scripts/../../../../Config/boards/

ccs:There is no chain configured - chain size is zero

Target reset failed.



Can you tell me the cause of the error?