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Pin function J5-01 PTA15/PTD11

Question asked by Stefan Bruekers on Oct 9, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 9, 2018 by Stefan Bruekers

We are trying to use the DEVKIT-MOTORGD in combination with the S32K144 board. We are able to program it through Simulink but the configuration of the encoders signals are on the wrong pin.


I use the Quadrature_decoder block in Simulink and select Module 2, Phase A = PTD11 and Phase B = PTD10.

If i look at the header pinout mapping of the S32K144 PTD11 is located on J1-08 and PTD10 is located on J1-06. But it is also located on J5-01 and J5-03 (double function). How do i switch this from J1 to J5 in simulink?