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NTAG types confusion?!

Question asked by Sreten Jovicic on Oct 9, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2018 by Sreten Jovicic

Hi everyone,


I am currently researching NXP's NFC solutions.

We have Volonsys / NXP Modular IoT Gateway reference design kit. In it we have OM577 (PN7120 controller), but we will switch to OM578 (PN7150).


Since, i am now in NFC technology a have a few questions. I want to ask them in one post because they are related.

Our project is IoT alarm for smart homes, so our concern is about security.



1. Is PN7150 god choice for security authentication / identification, if not what controller do you recommend ?

2. What type of NTAG shoud we use ? I am bit confused aout NFC tag choices.

3. Can you confirm software licences for yours Linux support and SDK libraries?


Thank you in advance.


Sorry again for asking multiple questions.