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MPC5748G for sending and receiving package

Question asked by KO HUAIMAO on Oct 9, 2018

I tried the rmii_udp example project and made board send messages to PC.

But I have no idea how to let board receive messages from PC.


I followed mpc5748g-ethernet-demo-user guide.pdf to practice mpc5748g-ethernet-LWIP-udp.rar

That is from here as the attach file.

I didn't change codes in the project as well as the default IP & MAC.

Though it built in the board successfully, no message received when I used NetAsistant to send UDP packets. 

I tried to trace code by setting LEDs to check where is not executed in the program.

And found if (NetNIC_RevCheck()) cannot be access because the LED inside if cannot be traggled.

WHY the packets cannot be received and WHERE's wrong.


Hope someone gives help.