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iMX6 Solo How to boot from EIM nor flash

Question asked by hui ding on Oct 8, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 10, 2018 by hui ding

I have a iMX6 Solo board which is designed according to mx6dlsabresd board. There is a parallel nor flash (SPANSION S29GL512S) on EIM with CS0. Currently, the board can boot from SD but have problems when boot from parallel nor flash.

I have done the following work:

1 When I burn the u-boot.imx to SD card with dd command in ubuntu, then set the boot mode of iMX6 to boot from SD, the u-boot can start up successfully.

2  Modify the mx6dlsabresd.cfg in board\freescale\mx6sabresd of u-boot source code, BOOT_FROM        sd is modified to BOOT_FROM         nor, then rebuild the u-boot.imx. First, boot the board from SD, after the linux is started, I erase the nor flash and burn the u-boot.imx to the offset 0x1000 of nor flash. Then I read the first 32 bytes from 0x1000 of nor flash to confirm that the u-boot.imx are burned correctly. Second, set the boot mode of iMX6 to boot from parallel nor flash and power on the board. But the u-boot can't start up, there is nothing on console.
3 I try to burn u-boot-mx6dl-sabreauto-weimnor.bin supplied by Mfgtools-Rel-4.1.0_130816_MX6DL_UPDATER to offset 0 of nor flash using the same method in step 2 (because the u-boot-mx6dl-sabreauto-weimnor.bin already have 4KB filled data). Then set the boot mode of iMX6 to boot from parallel nor flash and power on the board. The u-boot can start up. So I think the problem is not on hardware.



I want to ask that do I need to modify any other files in step 2 to rebuild a u-boot.imx which can boot from eim parallel nor flash?


u-boot-nor.imx is the image rebuild in step 2, u-boot-mx6dl-sabreauto-weimnor.bin is the image supplied by nxp mfgtools.