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Simultaneously joining bulk of end devices to border router in thread network

Question asked by Kim Nyholm on Oct 9, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 9, 2018 by Estephania Martinez

We have a thread application consisting of a Border Router and N End Devices.


The application is based upon the KW41Z reference design for the End Device and the Volansys modular gateway for the Border Router. The End Device is build using SDK FRDM-KW1Z 2.2.0 and the Border Router the KW41Z-hostcontrol-MCU in IMX6ULMG_IDEX_V1.3.0.1.


When the application is powered on, all end devices are added as joiners to the border router. All end devices are in factory reset state, and has been programmed to join the network immediately using in-band commissioning.


For small systems with 4 end devices it works, but with more than 7 end devices some end devices will never succeed the join process.

Joining the end devices, one at a time, is possible.


Our questions:
- Has the reference design been tested with many simultaneous joiners coming from factory reset state?
- Are there any parameters which needs to be adjusted?