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zigbee cluster can't call-back APP_ZCL_cbEndpointCallback function

Question asked by dylan ou on Oct 8, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2018 by Mario Ignacio Castaneda Lopez

Hi,i have a question about zigbee as below:
I use the "zigbee gateway user interface" send command to a device(colorTemperatureLight),
case 1:when send the "MoveToHue","MoveToColor",MoveToSat,the Receiving device only have "ZCL_Task endpoint event:1" printf;
case 2:but when the "MoveToTemp",the Receiving device have "ZCL_Task endpoint event:1" and "EP EVT:Custom C1 0300" printf;
form the printf impromation,i know that case 1 didn't call-back the "APP_ZCL_cbEndpointCallback(tsZCL_CallBackEvent *psEvent)" function ,
and case 2 can call-back the "APP_ZCL_cbEndpointCallback(tsZCL_CallBackEvent *psEvent)" function .
why,and how to make case 1 can also call-back the the "APP_ZCL_cbEndpointCallback(tsZCL_CallBackEvent *psEvent)" function;
in addition, in other case, i add a "Level control cluster" by myself, it can't call-back the the "APP_ZCL_cbEndpointCallback(tsZCL_CallBackEvent *psEvent)" function
when receive a command;
can you tell me why and how to solve it;

thank you very much!