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Lpc2388 Ethernet boot-loader

Question asked by bhargavi ar on Oct 8, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 18, 2018 by CarlosCasillas

I am using LPC2388 controller(NXP LPC23XX series device) in audio application .

Presently i am using Ethernet interface for loading preset datas.

I am programming the Micro-controller using JTAG.

I would like to do Insitu-programming using Ethernet secondary Boot-loader.

I loaded Boot-loader software using JTAG in FLASH(in sector 0,1 locations).

This boot-loader program is availlble on net along with application note AN10744.

ETHERNET FLASH UTILITY software(version 3.1.0) is installed in laptop.

MAC address of configuration file (sbl_config.h) is changed to match laptop MAC address(00-26-2d-57-c6-e1).

This same MAC address is entered in the FLASH UTILITY network MAC address label .

IP address is kept as

Source port is kept as 10000,destination port is kept as 1066 as mentioned in the application note document.

I kept P0.15  to ground before restarting the Micro-controller.

Following error is coming if i am trying to read PART ID or try to load hex file after powering on the LPC2388 device.

"UDP communication error Please restart your target board now and then press ok".

Sometimes "UDP Socket initialization error" is coming.

1.Is it mandatory to keep P0.15 as ground for entering to programming mode? or

2.Does software handshake is sufficient without using any port pin?

3.How to know whether synchronization between laptop and target board is happened or not?

4.Please clarify how to enter correct src port no.,Dest Port. no. details in the ETHERNT  FLASH UTILITY 

It is requested to help me to resolve this issue for loading program using Ethernet boot-loader.

Please find attachments for Boot-loader code used and screenshots of errors.