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What's the difference between S32V234-EVB2 and S32V234-EVB2-D?

Question asked by Martin Zhang on Oct 8, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 9, 2018 by Martin Zhang

I find that there are two S32V234 EVB part numbers from NXP website, that is, S32V234-EVB2 and S32V234-EVB2-D(figure1). But what's the difference between S32V234-EVB2 and S32V234-EVB2-D? 

Does S32V234-EVB2-D own built-in display(LCD)? I don't know whether it neccessory for us to buy an extra LCD screen for  S32V234-EVB2 or S32V234-EVB2-D.I can't find out any documents to ensure the the difference.


Figure1 S32V234EVB Part Number


Figure2 S32V234EVB Overview