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Not getting console during boot I.MX6UL

Question asked by Patrick Chella Samuel on Oct 8, 2018
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I am using the NXP provided MfgTool to flash the image into our eMMC storage. The debug port in our design is mapped to UART5, while the debug port in the reference design is based on UART1. So when I try to use the MfgTool to flash the image, nothing was coming to the console. So we have modified the u-boot and mapped the debug port from UART1 to UART5 into the u-boot code and rebuild the image and now I see the u-boot logs coming to the console.


What I observe here is, u-boot is trying to load the image and it is trying to jump to the kernel. We have updated the device tree file also to reflect the debug console port settings. But unfortunately, we don’t see anything to the console when the kernel is booting. As a result, we are not in a position to debug any further. 


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