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KMZ41 Angle Calculation Issues

Question asked by Jinliang Sun on Oct 8, 2018

Hi Technical Support Team,


I'm working with kmz41 to measure the rotatory angle of the magnet. The accuracy of the calculated angle output is not good as expected.


It seems that the amplitudes and offsets of the voltage outputs are different period by period. I used a constant amplitude and offset values to calculate the output angles from VO2 and VO1 with asin/acos functions. Please see the attached pictures for the captured sensor output signals.


I tried to use math function atan to eliminate the effect of the difference of the amplitude(if exist) but the results are almost the same.


Is there a best practice to calculate the angle from hall sensor outputs for angle based application? I noticed that there is a component UZZ9000(obsoleted) which could be used to get the angle output together with kmz41 but why is it obsoleted?




kmz41 output 1


kmz41 output 2



kmz41 output 3