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Serial NAND not working with LS1012A

Question asked by Minal Nemade on Oct 7, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 30, 2018 by Pavel Chubakov



      We have designed a custom board using LS1012A process and using serial NAND flash W25N01GW. So we have modified the file so as to program our NAND flash. Please check the attached file. By using this .py file we are able to flash our custom board using codewarrior-TAP. But the uboot file we downloaded does not boot up on custom board. We see one application note AN5376 which say that to use NAND flash with qspi we need to modify LUT in the software. Please help us to understand the changes required for LUT for our NAND Flash and where this modification is required to be done.


Update to above

We have got another application note for W25N01GW NAND flash, which we have used in our custom board. As per this Note we need to do LUT modifications in software (As mentions in section "3.Software changes needed" page no. 2 of the attached Application Note). Also as per LS1012A Refrence manual, it is possible to program 64 LUT registers. But in the application Note for W25N01GW nand flash there are more than 64 LUT registers.


So please help us to understand the changes required to be done for W25N01GW NAND Flash. Alos where we need to do these modifications (PBI commands or in Uboot)?


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