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System Control Block - description & memory map

Question asked by Arpit Arora on Oct 6, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 11, 2018 by Arpit Arora

Hello, I have been trying to find the section for the System Control Block (SCB) in i.MX RT1060 in the reference guide but I am not able to find any chapter which carries the register description + map for the registers defined in the following SCB struct. One can find this struct in core_cm7.h.


Could someone please direct me to the correct documentation?


typedef struct
__IM uint32_t CPUID; /*!< Offset: 0x000 (R/ ) CPUID Base Register */
__IOM uint32_t ICSR; /*!< Offset: 0x004 (R/W) Interrupt Control and State Register */
__IOM uint32_t VTOR; /*!< Offset: 0x008 (R/W) Vector Table Offset Register */
__IOM uint32_t AIRCR; /*!< Offset: 0x00C (R/W) Application Interrupt and Reset Control Register */
__IOM uint32_t SCR; /*!< Offset: 0x010 (R/W) System Control Register */
__IOM uint32_t CCR; /*!< Offset: 0x014 (R/W) Configuration Control Register */
__IOM uint8_t SHPR[12U]; /*!< Offset: 0x018 (R/W) System Handlers Priority Registers (4-7, 8-11, 12-15) */
__IOM uint32_t SHCSR; /*!< Offset: 0x024 (R/W) System Handler Control and State Register */
__IOM uint32_t CFSR; /*!< Offset: 0x028 (R/W) Configurable Fault Status Register */
__IOM uint32_t HFSR; /*!< Offset: 0x02C (R/W) HardFault Status Register */
__IOM uint32_t DFSR; /*!< Offset: 0x030 (R/W) Debug Fault Status Register */
__IOM uint32_t MMFAR; /*!< Offset: 0x034 (R/W) MemManage Fault Address Register */
__IOM uint32_t BFAR; /*!< Offset: 0x038 (R/W) BusFault Address Register */
__IOM uint32_t AFSR; /*!< Offset: 0x03C (R/W) Auxiliary Fault Status Register */
__IM uint32_t ID_PFR[2U]; /*!< Offset: 0x040 (R/ ) Processor Feature Register */
__IM uint32_t ID_DFR; /*!< Offset: 0x048 (R/ ) Debug Feature Register */
__IM uint32_t ID_AFR; /*!< Offset: 0x04C (R/ ) Auxiliary Feature Register */
__IM uint32_t ID_MFR[4U]; /*!< Offset: 0x050 (R/ ) Memory Model Feature Register */
__IM uint32_t ID_ISAR[5U]; /*!< Offset: 0x060 (R/ ) Instruction Set Attributes Register */
uint32_t RESERVED0[1U];
__IM uint32_t CLIDR; /*!< Offset: 0x078 (R/ ) Cache Level ID register */
__IM uint32_t CTR; /*!< Offset: 0x07C (R/ ) Cache Type register */
__IM uint32_t CCSIDR; /*!< Offset: 0x080 (R/ ) Cache Size ID Register */
__IOM uint32_t CSSELR; /*!< Offset: 0x084 (R/W) Cache Size Selection Register */
__IOM uint32_t CPACR; /*!< Offset: 0x088 (R/W) Coprocessor Access Control Register */
uint32_t RESERVED3[93U];
__OM uint32_t STIR; /*!< Offset: 0x200 ( /W) Software Triggered Interrupt Register */
uint32_t RESERVED4[15U];
__IM uint32_t MVFR0; /*!< Offset: 0x240 (R/ ) Media and VFP Feature Register 0 */
__IM uint32_t MVFR1; /*!< Offset: 0x244 (R/ ) Media and VFP Feature Register 1 */
__IM uint32_t MVFR2; /*!< Offset: 0x248 (R/ ) Media and VFP Feature Register 2 */
uint32_t RESERVED5[1U];
__OM uint32_t ICIALLU; /*!< Offset: 0x250 ( /W) I-Cache Invalidate All to PoU */
uint32_t RESERVED6[1U];
__OM uint32_t ICIMVAU; /*!< Offset: 0x258 ( /W) I-Cache Invalidate by MVA to PoU */
__OM uint32_t DCIMVAC; /*!< Offset: 0x25C ( /W) D-Cache Invalidate by MVA to PoC */
__OM uint32_t DCISW; /*!< Offset: 0x260 ( /W) D-Cache Invalidate by Set-way */
__OM uint32_t DCCMVAU; /*!< Offset: 0x264 ( /W) D-Cache Clean by MVA to PoU */
__OM uint32_t DCCMVAC; /*!< Offset: 0x268 ( /W) D-Cache Clean by MVA to PoC */
__OM uint32_t DCCSW; /*!< Offset: 0x26C ( /W) D-Cache Clean by Set-way */
__OM uint32_t DCCIMVAC; /*!< Offset: 0x270 ( /W) D-Cache Clean and Invalidate by MVA to PoC */
__OM uint32_t DCCISW; /*!< Offset: 0x274 ( /W) D-Cache Clean and Invalidate by Set-way */
uint32_t RESERVED7[6U];
__IOM uint32_t ITCMCR; /*!< Offset: 0x290 (R/W) Instruction Tightly-Coupled Memory Control Register */
__IOM uint32_t DTCMCR; /*!< Offset: 0x294 (R/W) Data Tightly-Coupled Memory Control Registers */
__IOM uint32_t AHBPCR; /*!< Offset: 0x298 (R/W) AHBP Control Register */
__IOM uint32_t CACR; /*!< Offset: 0x29C (R/W) L1 Cache Control Register */
__IOM uint32_t AHBSCR; /*!< Offset: 0x2A0 (R/W) AHB Slave Control Register */
uint32_t RESERVED8[1U];
__IOM uint32_t ABFSR; /*!< Offset: 0x2A8 (R/W) Auxiliary Bus Fault Status Register */
} SCB_Type;